Path to Discovery (1st Year)

Discovering Destiny God didn’t create you to be a spectator!  He planned for you to run the race, finding and following His course of destiny to a life of significance and fulfillment.  Our purposes is to give you specific principles that you can apply in your own life to help you identify your calling and begin to live it out and ultimately finish your course with joy.
Spiritual Growth and Development Learn the importance of becoming a self feeder.  Know what you believe and learn how to be a proficient student of God’s Word who knows how to rightly interpret the Scripture.
Renewing the Mind The renewing of the mind is an essential part of spiritual growth in the life of the believer.  Learn how to capture thoughts and break strongholds by applying the Word to your thought life.
Living By Faith Our whole experience with God and receiving from Him has to do with our understanding of faith. This course will unfold the dynamics of faith – how it works, when it works, why we need it and what to do with it are all part of what will be taught during this time.
New Creation Realities At the time Jesus enters the heart eternal life is granted. That eternal life is lived through our salvation. Salvation isn’t just “fire insurance” to escape hell. This course will bring the student through an understanding of what happened from a spiritual perspective at the time of salvation. Topics such as forgiveness, righteousness and who you are in Christ will all be discussed giving insight into God’s great redemptive work.
The Love Walk If God is anything He is love! God actually loves us! This is not some dead theological concept but a living truth to be received, experienced, and then demonstrated. Love is the basis for His relationship with you and your relationship with others. You’ll not only learn of His care for you, but how you can effectively walk in compassion, kindness and mercy while revealing His nature to the world around you.
Prayer Life Prayer, according to the Word is meant to be simple communication with God. However, there are many facets to prayer that make it effective. This course will instruct students in the dynamics of prayer while also providing a platform for practical application and demonstration.
Being Led By the Spirit Building upon the truths taught regarding the fruit of the Spirit, this course is designed to give the believer a clear understanding of  the Holy Spirit’s role in leading us. With an emphasis on learning how to yield to the Spirit’s voice, promptings and guidance, the student will gain confidence to step out and follow Him as He leads.
God’s Financial Plan Is it the will of God for Christians to be poor?  Is tithing for today? Financial prosperity is a widely misunderstood topic and yet the Word of God is very clear about it. This course will explore God’s design for man regarding financial stewardship and living the blessed life in every area.
Divine Health & Healing God’s provision for healing is quite clear throughout the Bible.  He is both able and willing to heal all.  The student will discover God’s plan for healing, how to receive healing, living in divine health and how to minister God’s healing power.
The Believer’s Authority Operating in the kingdom of God requires a firm understanding of the covenant He has made with his people and the authority He’s given to us to enforce it.  This course will reveal truths concerning the blood covenant and the believer’s authority.
The Grace of God For many, the subject of grace is not clear to them. In fact many make mention of His grace without any idea about what it is, what it does and how it operates. This course will provide revelation into the grace of God. Proving it’s necessity, power and everyday use in our lives. Struggle and frustration will be a thing of the past as the truth of grace makes it way into the minds of believers!
The Blood Covenant Covenant is simply understood as partnership. God desires partnership in the earth through His people. This partnership was demonstrated as early as the book of Genesis and is seen throughout the Bible. Students will understand the heart of God to partner with His people. His willingness, ability and wisdom will be seen as the truth of having a covenant relationship with God is revealed.
Honor’s Reward