Pastors Jonathan & Verna Del Turco (Senior Pastors of International Family Church)
    Pastor Jonathan and his wife Verna founded International Family Church in the Boston area in 1981.  Pastor Jonathan has committed his life to bringing families, communities and countries around the world the message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. His message of having faith in a good God as well as discovering your destiny in Christ has impacted people of all races, economic and ethnic backgrounds.  Growing up the son of a Pastor and Missionary, Pastor Jonathan developed a heart for the world from an early age.  Today, this passion for the nations is expressed through International Family Church with over 40 countries represented in the congregation. 
     Pastor Verna Del Turco is a woman of vision and excellence. Her heart for God’s people and her ability to motivate others as well as her practical insights about marriage, family and victorious living has made her a popular speaker throughout New England.  In June of 2006, Verna, alongside her husband Pastor Jonathan Del Turco, celebrated 30 years of marriage, 30 years in the ministry and the 25th anniversary of International Family Church.  Pastor Verna is the mother of two children Jonathan and Lori Ann, who along with their spouses, work side by side at International Family Church. She is also the grandmother of five beautiful children!
Pastor Thomas Kiessling (Life Groups Pastor, International Family Church)
    Pastor Tom directs Victory and Life Groups at International Family Church.  He has served in a variety of Pastoral roles since 1988.  He is a husband to Cheryl and together have three wonderful children:  Lauren, Melissa, and Brian.  Pastor Tom’s enthusiasm can be seen in his exhortative style of ministry.  He is also a trained Prepare/Enrich Counselor for married and/or engaged couples and helps couples revitalize their relationship.
Suzanne Young (Director, Victory Bible Training Center)
Suzanne Young is the Director of Victory, she graduated from VBTC in 2008. She serves Victory students with the desire to see each one walk in the fullness of God’s promises.  Suzanne holds a BSBA degree with a concentration in Leadership and has a passion for servant leadership. She teaches both first and second year VBTC Honor classes. Suzanne is married to Roland Young, III, they have four grown children, and four grandchildren.
Dr. Earl Darlington (Associate Pastor, International Family Church)
  Dr. Earl Orlando Darlington has been married to Denise since 1984.  They have two adult daughters.  He currently holds four degrees: BA, Combined Languages from Gordon College, Wenham, MA; MA, Linguistics and Spanish from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC; MA, Theological Studies in Missions & Evangelism from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, MA, and an Ed D from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    Dr. Darlington has been serving faithfully since 1983 as an Associate Pastor at International Family Church in North Reading, MA.  He currently teaches Spanish and Educational Ministries at Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and continues to lead mission teams for IFC.  Dr. Darlington has done extensive missionary travel in Central and South America, Mexico, West Africa and the Caribbean.  Dr. Darlington has a passion for helping believers develop a love and thorough understanding of the Bible.
Pastor Wendy Veillette (Pastoral Care Director, International Family Church)
     Pastor Wendy has been with IFC for over 25 years and oversees Pastoral Care at IFC.  She is a graduate of VBTC 1996 and has been teaching at VBTC for over ten years. She has been married 40 years to Guy and has 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. She has a passion for people to be well and whole as well as seeing the lives of people change when they apply the Word to their lives and it comes alive in them.
Rev. Jean Claude (Coordinator of Field Operations, Living Word Missions)  
     Jean-Claude Noah is the Coordinator of Field Operations for Living Word Missions.
Him and his wife Sundie served as Missionaries in the Nation of Cameroon for 16 years, operating Bible School, youth and Children ministry, training and sending Missionaries. They have a passion for making disciples and raising leaders.
Rev. Jayce & Diane Tohline (Itinerant Minister, Missionary)
     Jayce Tohline has been called a “Spiritual Technician”. He strives to find out how things work, proves them out in his own life, then shares his findings so others can benefit. Once you hear him, you’ll agree God gifted him as a teacher. He teaches with clarity and simplicity, and often with demonstration of the power of the Spirit.  Jayce is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, the author of “Choosing Right“, and has been married to Diane Tohline for over 32 years. Their three adult children are each following God’s call and path for their lives. At work he is a respected Software Consultant who is often assigned to turn difficult projects around.   
Rev. Tyrone Callahan (Prison Ministry, IFC)
   Tyrone Callahan is an anointed minister of the gospel Of Christ. He has been preaching and teaching God’s truth since his calling in 1988. He is a strong student of the Bible and is a product of Georgia coastal school of ministry. He has a strong prophetic voice and a passion for men and their families. God has graced him to engage men in difficult environments; such as the prison system & the military with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.
Cherine Tulloch  
     Cherine Tulloch has been a faithful member of the Ministry of International Family Church (IFC) for over 28 years. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and has several years experience working in the field of mental health. A Victory Bible Training Center graduate, Cherine has served in various ministry capacities including leading small groups, prayer meetings and workshops. She enjoys teaching and public speaking. She has been a featured speaker on the subject of prayer at local churches, and women’s events.  
Pastor Nick Zaccardi
  Pastor Nick Zaccardi has been pastoring for over 30 years.  His passion is for maintaining the integrity of God’s Word awakening the church to become the end-time army.  God has been using him more and more in the training of church leadership.  His anointed teaching is calling believers to arise to a new level of excellence.  His seminars have been taught along the East Coast of the USA as well as Cameroon, West Africa.  He has also recently published the books – Breaking Free From the Pack – Developing a Spirit of Excellence and Jesus Speaks to Pastors. Site: