Path to Leadership (2nd Year)

Believer Essentials We begin the year by reviewing the essentials of using your faith, your authority in Christ, and how to follow the Holy Spirit in your life.
The Invested Life Now that truth has been laid concerning evangelism, the student will now receive instruction as to how to disciple a new believer. The Lord desires disciples not just converts. Therefore, evangelism is simply the beginning of a process, not the end. Jesus. This is an area where the church has fallen short. Through proper instruction the student will gain revelation to help bring closure to the Great Commission.
The Ministry of Jesus With thirty years of preparation, and three years of ministry, the Son of God changed the world. Through the Old Testament, the Gospels and the New Testament, the life and ministry of Jesus can be seen, understood and duplicated. Instruction from this course will cover, His relationship with God, the Holy Spirit and with others. Insight will be given to understand His prayer life, consecration, power and determination among other characteristics.
The Book of Acts The Holy Spirit is moving in our generation just as He did in the book of Acts. God wants to use you to proclaim His goodness through the power of the Holy Spirit. Learn how the early disciples demonstrated the Gospel of Christ to their world with authority and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We are to operate in the same pattern as the book of Acts.
The Cost of Leadership Christians are called to leadership, a large task with a simple function. Discover what the Word has to say on leadership and the role it has to play in the life of every believer. Leaders are discovered, designed and then delegated to a specific task or undertaking – they are not naturally born. This course will guide you on your pathway of discovery bringing forth a new paradigm for effective leadership.
The Making of a Leader Beleivers are called to be leaders and make a difference in their world.  To fulfill that leadership call one must develop leadership qualities within themselves. Leaders are not born but developed over time and grow in their influence.  Becoming a leader is a process that we will examine.
Marriage & Family Another name for this course might be Behind Closed Doors. It’s been said that “Who you are at home is who you really are.” With this being understood, instruction from this course will deal primarily with the home life of potential leaders. Through instruction and by discovery, the student will be taught that all ministry begins in the home and becomes the platform for effective ministry outside the home.
Ministry Gifts God has set some ministry gifts in the church for the purpose of equipping believers to fulfill their call.  God has given graces to each believer as well that will determine how they function in the body of Christ.  Examination of each of the five ministry gifts and their dynamics..
The Call to Missions As much as the hope of the world is the church, the heart of the church is the world! Learn the inspiring stories of the heroes of faith who paved the way for the Modern Missions Movement, the state of the Church in the world today, and the part God has called you to play in closure of the Great Commission.  The question, “Why should anyone hear the gospel twice until everyone has heard it once?” will be indelibly etched in your heart!
Gifts of the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit manifests Himself through believers who have been filled with the Holy Spirit.  Specific instruction will be given concerning the gifts of utterance, the gifts of revelation, and the gifts of power with New Testament examples.
The Book of Acts The book of Acts is better labeled the book of the acts of the Holy Spirit through the church! It’s a book of action and the blueprint for the New Testament church. A study of the boldness, power, effectiveness, influence and results of the early church will all be discovered during this course.
Understanding End Times Understand God’s plan for the church, for Israel, and for the Nations. Your hope and expectation for the future will be stirred as we study the subject of the rapture of the Church, the restoration of the nation of Israel, and the harvest of the Nations.
The Character of Christ Understand the significance of keeping your heart right in all of your relationships. Learn how submission, honor, and avoiding offense are key to your spiritual advancement in the Kingdom of God.
Perfecting Your Serve You were created by God to make a significant impact in your local church. Pastors desire to have volunteers who have a heart for God, a passion for people, and a desire for excellence! Embrace the attitudes that increase your effectiveness as a team player in your local church and make a meaningful contribution to the Kingdom of God!