Personal Conduct

It is required that each student adheres to the Honor Code  during the duration of their study at VBTC.  By signing the Honor Code, each student agrees to honor the Lord with their life, which includes thoughts, actions, and words.

We believe it is the responsibility of the student engaged in training at Victory Bible Training Center, to live an exemplary life. The Administration of VBTC expects every student to take personal responsibility for his or her actions inside and outside the classroom. Our desire is that all students would readily adopt the mindset that whatever you are doing it is to be done as unto the Lord and for His glory.

Relational Conduct

1. Any attitudes, actions, or words contrary to appropriate behavior or resulting in strife will be addressed and could result in disciplinary action.

2. Dating is prohibited within the VBTC student body for the duration of the two year study, unless students enter VBTC already in a dating relationship.

Classroom Conduct

1. All Victory instructors will be addressed as Mr., Mrs., Brother, Sister, Pastor or Reverend as is appropriate.  It is the responsibility of the student to respect the instructors at all times as the established authority in the class regardless whether the student agrees or disagrees with the instructor.

2. Please refrain from any cell phone use, including texting, during class time.  In the event that a student needs to take/make a call, please leave the classroom area.  Also, please refrain from distractions of any kind, such as talking while class is in session.

3. PLEASE DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS OR MAKE COMMENTS TO THE INSTRUCTOR IN CLASS WHILE HE/SHE IS LECTURING.  A question and answer time is scheduled at the end of each class.  Questions may also be submitted directly to the instructor via email as indicated on each class syllabus, or to the administrator.



Class Sign In

All students are required to sign in at the registration table in the foyer before entering class.  Students who have not signed in before class will be marked as absent.  Students arriving late to a class session may be asked to wait until the next break to join the class. Classes will start promptly at the scheduled time, and students are expected to be seated and ready to begin class on time.

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes including Prayer. If a student does miss a class it is the responsibility of the student to obtain the teaching, notes, and materials by accessing them on the Website (


If a student is planning on traveling and anticipates being absent for class, they must contact the Administrator a minimum of 1 week before the class they will miss.  Students will be responsible for listening to the audio recording of the class and completing the class assignments.  The audio recording of the class and all class materials are available on  Extra time may be given to complete the class assignments upon request of the Administrator.


In the event of an emergency a student may contact the Administrator a minimum of one hour before class to be excused, otherwise, they will be marked as absent.


It is our desire at VBTC to provide the students with an atmosphere that is conductive to study and excellence in Christian character. As His representatives, we ask that all students seek to glorify the Lord in all areas of life, including their attire. For this reason the following dress code guidelines are as follows.

Women’s Dress Code

Women may wear Slacks, Jeans (No holes), or Skirts (No mini-skirts).  Skirt length should be modest and not exceeding one inch above the knees and without excessive slits.

  • Dresses (No halter tops, spaghetti straps or strapless)
  • Pullover Shirts (No low cut shirts)
  • Button -down Shirts
  • T-Shirts (No defamatory, derogatory or profane remarks)

Women may not wear the following…

  • Shorts 
  • Tank Tops
  • Revealing Clothing
  • Pajamas/Sweatpants

Men’s Dress Code

Men may wear the following…

  •  Slacks
  •  Jeans (No holes and not excessively baggy)
  • Pullover Shirts
  • Button-down Shirts
  • T-Shirts (No defamatory, derogatory or profane remarks)

Men may not wear the following…

  • Shorts
  • Tank Tops
  • Pajamas/Sweatpants 

Please note: Should you be in violation of dress code the administration will bring it to your attention and expect you to promptly change it.


It is expected that all students fulfill the required assignments for each class.  All grading is done on a pass/fail basis.  Students will not be allowed to graduate if any class is incomplete or failed.

Graduation Requirements

Second Year students will be allowed to participate in Victory Bible Training Center’s graduation ceremony and will receive their certificate of completion upon satisfactorily completing all course requirements as well as being current on all financial responsibilities with VBTC.  A student who has not completed any of the course requirements or has unfilled financial obligations to the school may not graduate.  First Year students are required to attend Graduation.



Refreshments are allowed during the class break, but only in the Foyer.  Students are encouraged to bring in food and/or beverage snack items for everyone to share during the breaks.

Office Regulations

Students are not permitted in any of the International Family Church offices. Classrooms other than those being used are also off limits.  Students are not permitted to use or ask for copies to be made at any of the office copiers.


VBTC will allow the use of laptop computers and personal digital assistants for the purposes of taking notes and scheduling items. Any distracting sounds or noises associated with the use of such should be turned off.  Recording devices are not permitted.  Please note: VBTC will not provide power for your electronic devices.

Telephone Calls

VBTC is not responsible for any incoming calls during class time. The phone number of this ministry is not to be given out to people with the intent to call during class hours, unless it is an extreme emergency. The phone system is for office use only. It is suggested that if students need to make a phone call during break time or after class, that it be made with your own personal cell phone. However, in the event of an outside emergency the VBTC office number may be used (978) 276-6400 ext. 6420.


You are permitted to park in any of the parking spaces with the exception of the ones that are reserved for staff only.

Cancellation of Classes

There may be times VBTC will cancel classes due to inclement weather.  Students can view either WCVB Channel 5 or WHDH Channel 7 for cancellation notices.  Postings will be listed under International Family Church not Victory Bible Training Center.  Cancellation notices will read as:  No Evening Classes.  Students can call the VBTC message extension (978) 276-6441 after 12:00 PM to obtain cancellation information.

Students who cannot attend the makeup class will be responsible for accessing the audio recording and class materials for the missed class.

Student Accountability

Repeated absences or missing assignments will result in a meeting being called with the Administrator to develop a plan of action to rectify the situation.  If improvement is not seen, it may result in expulsion from VBTC.

The Director will handle any discipline problems that may arise. Any student, who is found to be acting in a manner that will bring discredit to the Kingdom of God and/or Victory Bible Training Center, will be disciplined even to the extent of expulsion from the school.

Withdrawal from VBTC

In the event a student finds that they cannot complete the two-year course of study, they are required to contact the Administrator immediately in order to begin the withdrawal process.  It is expected that all tuition payments due are paid upon withdrawing.