I have learned so much, and developed a deeper relationship with God. After classes I always feel full, replenished and ready to take on the world because of the anointing of the teachers and prayers of the students. VBTC showed me how to discover the promises that God has for me, taught me how to pray according to the Word. —Marilyn P.
Victory has been such a blessing to me not only in the teachings but in how it has opened up the door to friendships that I had been believing for a very long time. The friendships that I’ve made because of attending Victory I know will be strong and lasting relationships where we are encouraging each other in Christ. –Aimee R.
A man of God said this about our Christian walk: “You can’t go to a higher level unless you eat at a higher level.”  Attending Victory Bible Training Center is eating at a higher level!   The capable instructors, the inspiring assigned reading, and the Holy Spirit Teacher together laid a table that was a spiritual and intellectual feast. –Margaret C. 
I have to say that this was one of the most important decisions I have ever made. The instructors are great and all lessons can be applied in real life situations based on biblical principles. This  school is a stepping ladder that can lead any Christian to a higher place that otherwise seemed unreachable. –George K.   
Victory has allowed me to be calm and feel the peace of God which surpasses everything else. I am more connected to the word of God and am so glad to have made that decision. It is a very empowering school and I am looking forward and excited about the upcoming 2nd year. –Rosemary A.
All the Pastors helped me to understand the Word of God more deeply, clarifying our understanding in such a beautiful way that the more I hear the more I want to know the Word and God’s love for us.  The course materials will be a great resource for all my life. I will never be the same after Victory! –Joana C.
Victory is 100 fold more than I had imagined, it has very much deepened my relationship with God and the desire to seek Him every day. Homework is very do-able, and it’s fun and keeps the growing going. –Birgit S. 
Victory helped me discover myself; understand who I am in Christ, the high price that was paid for me to be set free.  My mind used to be filled with worry, reasoning, fear and anxiety. Now I am calm, quiet knowing that the power of God is always there for me. I can call on Him anytime, anywhere and in any occasion.–Aziza B.
Victory was such a catapult to a deeper level of spiritual authority for me and getting to know Christ more intimately. I can draw on those profound truths that were imparted to me to fight life’s battles and live life victoriously. –Stella N.
The Victory Bible School helped me to know more about God’s love, grace, healing and provision. My mind was renewed by the word of God which was preached by the anointed teachers. The class books are great too. I really appreciated the opportunity of taking these classes. –Jennifer L.
Victory challenged my faith and enabled me to grow stronger in my spiritual walk with the Lord and to also live out my faith, to be a doer and not only a hearer of the Word! –Katherine L.
I truly believe that my involvement with VBTC is a set up from God.  His simple way of arming me for my Christian walk! This experience has been so enriching; I couldn’t imagine my life without it! –S Jean B.
I have come to understand many things that God wants me to be and how I need to unleash those blessings from Him. The teachings at VBTC helped me to understand the Bible as a unique book that makes me who I am.  –Gladys I.
Attending VBTC program was the best decision I have made in this past year. My walk with God is so enjoyable and promising. I see my future and the love of God for me on a totally different level! –Claire N.
Victory has given me the confidence to be able to pursue God’s calling on my life. It equipped me with the tools I needed to see who I was in Christ, the leader I was called to be, and how to genuinely walk in love towards every individual in my life! –Leah D.
VBTC me to be rooted and grounded in the Word.  Every week I experienced the intense presence of the Holy Spirit through all my teachers.  They are anointed to execute the task at hand, and I thank God for it! –Natacia F.
Thank you God, for our visionary, Pastors Jonathan and Verna; thank you God for all for all the instructors who dedicate their time and hearts to feeding us so we can assume our rightful purpose and destinies.—Pamela R.


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